"In my family, garments pass different generations. I have pieces hanging in my wardrobe that my grandmother passed on to me. Some clothes are more than 30 years old and they have been ageing beautifully as their quality is so high. Today it is rare that garments are worn for such a long time and I would love to see that change. Therefore it is important in my collections to work with high-quality and sustainable textiles that will prolong the lifetime of the garment." - Cleo De Laet


Organic Cotton

The organic cotton that we use originates from Kyrgyzstan and Uganda, from regions of cultivation with enough rain, because cotton plants require a lot of water to flourish. The producer, Cotonea, gives the farmers financial security and strengthens their self-confidence. Cotonea is in direct contact with the cotton producers and has people they trust in the region. They know its suppliers and does not, in contrast to many large brands, have to rely on questionable certificates. Cotonea itself has the control over the quality and purity of its cotton.

The durability of a natural product is dependent on high quality raw materials and careful production. Cotonea uses quality businesses in Europe for spinning, weaving and refining. The mechanical treatment is gentle on the textiles. Only that which remains beautiful for a long time is also sustainable.

Organic cotton means:

  • Organic crop protection instead of the use of chemical pesticides
  • Natural fertiliser instead of artificial fertiliser
  • Not diminishing the nutrition of the soil through the cultivation of monocultures. By rotating crops the fruitfulness of the soil is secured and improved in the long-term
  • Protection of valuable groundwater
  • No gene manipulated varieties
  • The yield per hectare for many farmers is higher than in conventional cultivation


Organic Peace Silk

Our silk products come from the sustainable producer Seidentraum. Their artisanal production of silk yarns and fabrics takes place with the involvement of disadvantaged women's groups in the villages and they actively help to ensure that children can attend school in Jharkhand. Seidentraum trades exclusively with Peace Silk! Peace Silk means: The silkworm can complete its metamorphosis and fly as a beautiful butterfly out of the cocoon. No animal suffers from the production of silk textiles. No silkworm dies during the usual drying of the cocoons by hot steam or boiling water.

Their Peace Silk (Ahimsa Silk, non-violent silk) is manufactured under strict social and environmental standards and is mostly certified to the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS). This guarantees the highest possible standard for ecological and social sustainability.


Other Fabrics

We also have blended textiles in our collection, made by the most exclusive producers from Italy and Japan. These textiles are ISO9001 certified. This international norm guarantees impeccable quality and is recognised worldwide. It is a quality label that you can trust. 



Our garments are produced made-to-order in a social-economic workspace, just outside of Copenhagen. We only produce once an order is placed, so we don't have any stock or waste of unsold garments. As the production takes place around Copenhagen, we can be in close contact with the workers and keep an eye on the detailing and quality of the work.