The Bouquet
The Bouquet
The Bouquet
The Bouquet

The Bouquet

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The bouquet of flowers symbolises the qualities and strengths of a person that is dear to you. Each flower starts with a letter from that person's name and tells something about that person.

The example shown here, is made for someone with the name Marc and the bouquet exists of
Margriet - you make me happy
Anemone - carefulness
Rose - love, luck and joy
Campanula - thankfulness

The scarf is made of satin silk.
You can choose between sizes 55x55 cm and 90x90 cm.
The example here is a 90x90 cm satin silk scarf.

I will contact you after the order is placed to discuss with you the design. Then I will send you a sketch of the design and after it is approved by you, I will hand-paint the custom made design on silk. Please note there can be small irregularities as the scarf is hand-painted.

The design and production of the scarf can take approximately one week. Shipping will take approximately 2 - 5 working days.